How to make a NFT for free ?

Wali Ur Rehman
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It seems like everyone everywhere is either buying a NFT, selling a NFT or making a NFT. The news pieces spread all over the internet about how people are making millions with their NFT art is taking people by a surprise. People are selling completely weird things on the NFT marketplaces. You all must have read in my earlier article that how a man has sold a 52 minutes audio recording of his “Farts”. Yes, you read that right, he sold the audio NFT of his bowel gases.

In between of all these news, most of us don’t have the remotest idea of how they operate? Click the following links to learn about;

What is a NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens ?

How to make your own NFT or Non-Fungible Token?

But even after getting familiar with the basic knowledge and terms. The cost involved in making a NFT is too high for a new person and it can reach more than USD 400$ i.e. around 30,000 Indian Rupees. You might be trying to get familiar with making NFTs and just don’t want to spend your hard earned money on something new, which you don’t completely understand.

No problem lets make a NFT for FREE !!

First you have to make and connect your online wallet. You can read more about crypto Wallets by clicking on this link What is a Crypto Wallet. Today we are going to use the MetaMask wallet to make our free NFT. Download and install the chrome extension of MetaMask. Follow the on-screen instructions foor making your wallet.

Once you have made your wallet. Go to the OpenSea website and connect your Wallet. we will use the Solana blockchain which is also available on OpenSea and this gives us the option of making a NFT completely Gas-Free. Which basically means no charges at all. You will only pay 2.5% commission to OpenSea but that too when you sell your NFT. Which is fine by me.

In the OpenSea website go to the Resources button in the top. There will be a option called Gas-Free Marketplace, click on that. This will open a new page, where you have to click on the Start Creating button.

Now add your image, video, audio or 3d model which you want to convert into a NFT. Give it a nice name and fill in the description. You can also choose the supply option which means that how many copies of this NFT you want to create. Make sure that Polygon is selected in the blockchain column. After filling out the details, click on the create button and in no time your brand new NFT will be in front of you.

If you need step-by-step instructions with pictures than go this link, How to make NFT for free



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