How to make a NFT

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How to make a NFT

As you know that an NFT is a digital copy or token of your real world physical asset. If you want to know what a NFT is, you can check it out here- What is a NFT

To make a digital copy of the same we have to mint it on websites like OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare etc.


The first step in How to create an NFT is, to select a NFT marketplace. As I mentioned earlier their are several different websites on which you can create a NFT, in fact there are dozens of them. Every website has its own positive and negatives. We will be covering OpenSea for creating our NFT.

OpenSea will charge you an initializing fees and it can range from USD 300$ to USD 400$. Although it is a one time fees but it can too much for many us. On Rarible there is no such fees. Both OpenSea and Rarible will charge you 2.5% commission of the sale you make on their platform. So if you sell a NFT for ETH 0.025, you will receive ETH 0.24375 in your account.


Next step is to make a wallet. Wallets are applications which are used for storing crypto currencies and NFTs that you mint or buy. MetaMask wallet is one of the most popular wallets as it supports Ethereum based marketplaces like Opensea and others. You can also use this wallet as a Chrome Browser Extension and as an iOS / Android application. You can download the MetaMask wallet application by clicking here — Download MetaMask.

After that visit the OpenSea website and click on the wallet icon. This will show you option of several wallet applications. Click on the MetaMask and just confirm. That’s it, you have made your wallet and connected it to the OpenSea Website connect your wallet


Now you can click on the create button as shown in the below image.

After you click the create button a new page will open. Where you can upload your file for converting it into a NFT. After uploading your file, fill the details and description of your NFT. If you have a website you can fill it in the external link. You can make a Collection or leave it blank. In the supply column, fill the number of copies you want to make. Then click on create.

Fill the details in the required coloumns

That’s it, You have created your first NFT. You can list it on the marketplace for selling it or you can transfer it into your wallet but that is a topic for later. Right now just be proud on your achievement.

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